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Powered by a multicultural cadre of award-winning instructors, each bringing over two decades of unparalleled experience and global recognition. Our story is a journey of passion, innovation, and legacy, crafted to transform your skiing adventure into a personal triumph.


Carv Performance Institute

Since 2019 members of our team have been utilizing the power of CARV for their own ski performance. In 2021, Thomas Roennau began introducing CARV in his ski instructing at Aspen/Snowmass. After seeing immense success from his coaching clients he decided to gather the elite CARV skiers in Aspen/Snowmass and create CARV Performance Institute. Our Instructors are of an elite crew that ranks on the top of the CARV leaderboard and are world-class instructors.

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At CARV Performance Institute, we are committed to revolutionizing the skiing journey by delivering unparalleled instruction tailored to the discerning skier. Harnessing exclusive CARV technology, we provide immediate, precise feedback that transcends traditional coaching, transforming each run into a step toward mastery. Our mission is to unlock the full potential of every client we serve, ensuring an unforgettable ascent to peak performance. Amidst the breathtaking slopes of Aspen, we don't just teach skiing—we inspire lifelong passion, nurture relentless advancement, and create the ultimate, immersive ski experience that redefines the upper limits of personal achievement.


Inspiring a breakthrough in the global ski culture, CARV Performance Institute envisions a future where technology and teaching converge to redefine the boundaries of skiing excellence. We strive to be the beacon of innovation in ski instruction, where every enthusiast, from intermediate explorers to adept connoisseurs, experiences unrivaled personal progress and pro-found connection with the sport. Through our unwavering dedication to excellence and transformative client experiences, our vision is to ascend as the eminent destination for ski mastery, setting new standards in personalized performance advancement worldwide.

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